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O​ur services offer safe, high-quality fencing for all types of uses. We offer oak board, no-climb, vinyl, and electric fence options to meet your needs. A combination of our post pounding system and our experienced fencing team, you can count on a fence built to last for years to come.

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Post Pounding

Our post pounders set posts securely in the ground without the need for backfill. Our machine pounds up to 8" round or square pos​ts into the ground without the need to use an auger. Our post pounders are efficient, clean, and provide a straight line of posts. 

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 Driveways & Parking

Our company constructs horse safe driveways and parking lots. We have materials to implement a safe footing for horses while virtually eliminating mud and dust, providing a long lasting driveway or parking lot for your farm.

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Mud Solutions

Sick of those muddy areas on your property? We have a solution to that problem. Our products offer safe footing for horses and eliminate mud and wet areas. This is a great way to keep your horses' hooves healthy and thrush free.

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Utilities Installation

Whether you're building a new farm or renovating an existing farm, our company can supply you with our 30+ years of excavating experience. We can provide utilities such as gas lines, electric lines, water supply lines, and sanitation septic systems.

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Arena & Pasture Footings

Our footing services are custom tailored to each farm or training facility whether it is existing or new. We can restore an existing footing or construct your footings from the ground up to create a dry, properly constructed arena and/or pasture. 

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What our customers are saying

Stephanie and her crew were wonderful to work with. They were punctual, hard working and went above and beyond to place a horse fence up around our pasture. It was great to work with a kind, honest family business such as Equestrian Solutions. I would highly recommend this company.

Aubrey T.